The Book

In this personal daily journal, Alison Boucher shares her way with words that act as daily treasures of wisdom for personal transformation. She shares how she transformed her life by changing her thoughts and habits to overcome obstacles to her happiness. This is a must-read for rising above fear and anger, for awakening, forgiving, and flourishing in love. Questioning her life with conscious awareness has empowered her to radiate love, light, and laughter.
Encouraged by many people to write, Alison started her journal of words as a preliminary exercise to write her first novel. It became her therapeutic medicine, an account of her real-life journey, illustrating how it’s possible to improve your life by transforming your thoughts and becoming your best authentic self. This project to explore the meaning of words turned into a wonderful compendium of empowering reflections. Upon sharing it, family and friends requested that she publish it.